Cafeteria Lunch Program


Cafeteria Lunch Program

Students on the Red Lion Campus have access to nutritional lunch options.  Offerings differ based on the age/grade of the student.  Noted below find an overview of the Upper and Lower School lunch programs.

Lower School Lunch (Preschool – Fifth Grade)

Lower School parents may opt to pack lunch or pre-order lunch for their children. Lunches are ordered for the upcoming month during an "ordering window".  Once the window has closed, orders may no longer be placed for the upcoming month. Families may select to order lunch for every school day or just the days they prefer. Red Lion provides snack for all preschool students.  Elementary students (K-5th) should bring a snack and water every day.  (Only water is allowed in the classrooms.)

Lunches are $5.00 each and include a drink.  Payment is accepted via FACTS. Orders are non-transferable and non-refundable.  If a hot lunch is ordered for a day your child is on a field trip, it will be substituted with a cold lunch chosen by the cafeteria staff. Hot Lunch will not be available in August or June.


Hot and cold menu items are available for purchase daily in the Upper School cafeteria.  All lunch items are cash and carry.  If a student does not have a lunch or money to purchase lunch, the finance office will give the student a "Forgotten Lunch" ticket.  Students are responsible for paying the office back the following school day or the charge will be applied via FACTS.  (Restrictions apply.)

Drinks are available in the beverage cooler for purchase.  Milk, water, and a variety of juices are stocked.  The cafeteria has vending options and a snack cart is open during lunch periods.  Ice cream and other sweet treats are offered as well.