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The Schools at a Glance

The following chart is a short comparison of our schools. This chart is not exhaustive, but we hope it is helpful to parents seeking to find the best educational fit for their children.

  Red Lion Tall Oaks Glasgow Journey
Founded 1980 1994 2001 2016
Methodology Contemporary Classical Homeschool Special Needs
Accreditation ACSI and MSACS ACCS N/A N/A
Preschool Yes No Yes No
Grades PK3-12 K-12 PK3-12 K-12
Music Praise and Worship Psalms and Hymns Praise and Hymns Classical and Hymns; variety
Events Prom, Homecoming Protocol, Reformation Day, Homecoming Prom, Homecoming Night to Shine Homecoming
Uniform Yes
Several choices
casual look
Limited choice
formal look
No Yes
Flexible choices
Chapel  Students and staff gather for praise and worship each day Students and staff gather for praise and worship each day. Students and staff gather for praise and worship as part of the required curriculum. Morning devotions
Languages    Spanish: Grades 3-12 with Spanish I, II, III, and IV offered in high school Latin: Grades 3-8
Spanish: Grades 9-11
Greek: Grade 12
Spanish: Grades 2-5, 9-12
Latin: Grades 6-8
French: Grades 9-12
Sign Language: Grades 6-12
College Credits and Dual Enrollment   AP classes
Dual Enrollment with Wilmington University
Dual Enrollment program with Cairn University (33 college credits before graduation) Students can participate in the diploma program with Red Lion and take AP classes High School Diploma or
Culture Informal, encouraging, and Christ-centered Formal, encouraging, and Christ-centered Relaxed, encouraging, and Christ-centered Relaxed, encouraging, and Christ-centered
Community Class unity fostered through games and competitions Upper  School unity fostered by a British-style House System Family gatherings fostered by homeschool community Family-centered gatherings and a “learning team” spirit
Churches Over 100 represented Over 60 represented Over 40 represented Over 5
Average SAT 1590 1880 N/A N/A
Total Students 510 220 260 10
Tracks    Yes
Students can choose from College Prep, Honors, AP, and elective classes each year.
There is one liberal arts curriculum (with limited electives) required for graduation
Parents and students design their own curriculum as part of the homeschool model.
Individualized instruction according to student’s needs
Diploma or certificate tracks in high school
Technology Intentionally included to assist in the learning process. Original texts and primary documents are preferred Used as needed Adaptive technology as needed

Red Lion Christian Academy

Founded in 1980, RLCA provides a Christ-centered, contemporary education for students in grades PK3-12. Instruction is divided into departments by specialty areas to focus learning on individual categories and interests of the students. 

Tall Oaks Classical School

Founded in 1994, TOCS provides a Christ-centered, classical education for students in grades K-12. Instruction is divided into three stages of age-appropriate learning known as the Trivium. This time-tested method of education can be traced back more than 2000 years.

Journey Christian Academy

Founded in 2016, JCA provides a Christ-centered, individualized education for students in grades K-12. Instruction is personalized to meet diverse learning and developmental needs that are not easily met in a typical classroom setting.  

Glasgow Christian Academy

Founded in 2001, GCA, provides a Christ-centered, homeschool education for students in grades PK3 -12. Instruction is offered one or two days per week for parents seeking to be the primary educators of their children. 


Tall Oaks Classical SchoolGlasgow Christian AcademyJourney Christian Academy