Discover Journey Christian Academy


Discover Journey Christian Academy

Christian Education for Students Who Learn Differently

Journey Christian Academy, the newest addition to Reach Christian Schools,  serves parents by providing a Christ-centered education that is individualized to meet diverse learning and developmental needs that are not easily met in a typical classroom setting. Our mission is to produce curious, independent, life-long learners with minds set on things above, with hearts that have been cultivated to love what God loves, and whose actions reflect a Christ-like disposition.  

There are many reasons why a student may not thrive in a typical classroom setting.

  • Samuel is three grade levels ahead of his fifth-grade peers in mathematics, but he is still developing the ability to compose well-organized paragraphs or essays.
  • Because of her slow processing speed, Deena hears the answers to math problems spoken aloud before she has finished doing the problem on her own.
  • It is taking so much of Michael's concentration of will to refrain from moving around and to remain in his seat, that he has no focus left to hear the teacher.
  • The ticking of the classroom clock and the squeal of the marker on the white board are so prominent in Jasmyn's mind, that they are crowding out the voice of the teacher.
  • Mason has the ability to understand, discuss, and enjoy literature that is appropriate for his age, but such literature is far above his independent reading level.
  • Margaret struggles with anxiety and needs a nurturing classroom setting and regular opportunities to de-stress through sensory activities during the school day.
  • Nathan needs social experience with his age peers, but because he has Down syndrome, he requires reading and mathematics instruction at a much lower level.
  • The words spoken by the teacher wash over Nancy's ears and get muddled in her head; but when she has a visual or hands-on experience, she learns with efficiency and confidence.
  • Because he has an autism spectrum disorder, David struggles to navigate the complex social order of a typical classroom setting. He struggles to regulate his emotions and behavior and he needs help understanding the perspectives and feelings of others.
  • Because of her weak working memory, Fiona cannot remember the details of the story she has just read aloud and she cannot follow the three-step instructions her teacher often gives.

At Journey Christian Academy, we meet the needs of children with learning, social, or developmental differences in individualized ways. Student achievement levels are individually assessed so that students can be placed in math, reading, and writing classes that are appropriate for them. Our experienced and highly-trained teachers use multi-sensory approaches in their lessons and work hard to keep their students actively engaged. Our sensory room is equipped with swings, trampolines, balls, and other items to help students take a break, move around, and de-stress. Class sizes are small and the classroom atmosphere is cultivated to provide a nurturing, encouraging learning environment.

For more information about Journey Christian Academy, please explore this web site or contact us.