Music Lessons - Tri-State Campus


Music Lessons - Tri-State Campus

Mary Biron - Piano Lessons

Tailored to each individual’s abilities and interests, lessons are available during the day or after school and utilize the Fabers’ highly popular Piano Adventures series. The instructor, Mary Biron, is passionate about introducing students to the joy of making music.

If you are interested or have any questions, please contact Mary at 410-392-4981 or via e-mail.  For more information, please visit Mary’s Music Lessons.

Donna Gridley - Guitar Lessons

Mrs. Gridley offers guitar lessons to 1st through 12th grade enrolled students and homeschoolers. The students learn all about the instrument, music theory basics, and chord formation and application. Her material comes from Alfred's Kid's Guitar Course Books and praise and worship song sheets. At Christmas time the students help lead in Christmas carols during Elementary Chapel, and at the end of the school year students participate in an end-of-year recital where they showcase their new talent!  Contact the school office for contact information.