RLCA Parent Teacher Fellowship (PTF)


RLCA Parent Teacher Fellowship (PTF)

The PTF is open to all parents and school faculty and staff. The mission of the PTF is to support the students, families and faculty/staff at Red Lion by providing memorable fellowship and educational opportunities for parents, sponsoring fun activities and assisting with enhancements to make Red Lion a better place to learn and grow for students. The PTF also seeks to support the staff in ways that show appreciation and, at times, make their jobs easier.


Meetings are noted on the calendar and generally fall on the third Tuesday of each month, except for October, which will occur on October 27th. The meetings take place at 6:30 pm in the Reach Café and through Zoom. Attendance at the PTF meetings counts towards the required parent volunteer hours.  


Join the Parent Teacher Fellowship

Interested in joining the PTF? Please download and complete the PTF Membership Form using the link below. Then please return the completed form along with the annual membership fee to the homeroom teacher or front office.

PTF Membership Form