Tall Oaks Honors and AP


Tall Oaks Honors and AP

Honors Classes

The classes at Tall Oaks are considered honors classes because they are academically challenging, require more demanding coursework, and are intended for highly academic students.  

Advanced Placement Exams

Advanced Placement (AP) Exams are tests administered by the College Board for the purpose of allowing students to earn college credit for course work completed while in High School.  The tests are offered each May, and students may register though the College Board and pay a fee to take individual AP Exams. Students at TOCS are encouraged to take AP Exams although TOCS course curriculum does not necessarily follow the prescribed AP Course Description as published by the College Board.  Because of our academically rigorous classical training, we believe that our students will excel in taking AP Exams. These tests are administered at TOCS by our staff.