Tall Oaks Wishlist


Tall Oaks Wishlist

Tall Oaks Classical School Wish List

Teacher Resource Room Makeover


Ronald Reagan Great Communicator Debate Series  available on May 12, 2018


Surveillance cameras for the school for classroom security


Seating/Welcome area outside of the Tall Oaks Office


Essential oils diffuser for the office and selected classrooms


Reconfigure Teacher Lounge near the school office to include a sink


Student laptop computers (12)

$450/per computer

Wall-mounted cabinets that lock for
storage of medications


Dry erase white boards for classrooms (6)8 foot x 4 foot


Torchlighters 12-pack: The First 12 Episodes for grades 4-7 to share


Torchlighters: The Martin Luther Story  


Bug Catchers for grades K-5 (6)